Zhengjiang  CV Optics

Zhenjiang  CV Optical was established in 2003. With many years of experience. Zhenjiang CV Optical Co.,Ltd has become one of  the leading lens manufacturer in China.


The company's production range is from 1.50 to high index, blue block , photochromic , finished and semi finished lenses. We supply quality products to customers all over the world and set up company in USA which maily supplies semi finished to Labs.With precise and excellent production equipment from Germany,Japan and Korea,CV has the ability to offer high and stable quality on lenses,they are in compliance with all major global quality standards.CV launches new products and new technologies every year with our own advance R&D.


 √  Consistent product quality
 √  Perfect after-sale service
 √  Caring for your vision health is our eternal responsibility  


 Zhengjiang  CV Optics

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 Zhengjiang  CV Optics

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